About Frank Freudberg

As a journalist, Frank Freudberg has contributed to Reuters, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Der Spiegel, and others.  His work has been mentioned in publications including Time, Newsweek, and The Guardian

As a novelist, Freudberg writes about underdogs and their battles with forces seemingly more powerful than they are.  He likes watching the little guy prevail, and his novels Find Virgil and Baby Please Don’t Go have garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Philadelphia-based FRANK FREUDBERG PRODUCTIONS  was formed in 2021 to develop unique, emotion-evoking stories for the entertainment industry. 

Freudberg Productions is currently shopping three projects: Find Virgil (thriller), Gigantis (drama/comedy/fantasy) and Baby Please Don’t Go (noir). Click here for more info about these projects.